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Love Serve Feed Announcement on COVID-19 


Some of the world’s greatest successes have come from some of the greatest challenges!   

Some of the world’s greatest challenges have come from some of the greatest successes! 

Love Serve Feed needs to successfully face this challenge that we are facing with the COVID-19 Pandemic.  So, I want to lay out a few ways that we can mitigate and maneuver through this unprecedented time.


You see it is all about perspective…  Over the last 30 days our country, our state, our city, our community has been inundated with a constant flow of news and information on COVID- 19.  There are many who are walking around in fear of what will come of all of this.  

One of life’s greatest fears is; the fear of the unknown.  Fear whether it is real or imagined can be debilitating and bring on irrational behavior.  I am going to ask each of our volunteers to follow a very simple approach as we look into the next few months at Love Serve Feed.


1st  PRAY   Let us a stand united on Praying God’s grace on all of those affected and pray that a hedge of protection is around us and all of those that we come in contact with.   


2nd  LOVE    Love everyone right where they are.  Many who come are there because of the community that each of you working together has provided for them.  When you give love then you receive love!  Over the years many have shared with me how loved they feel here.  The outpouring of love is the backbone of our ministry.


3rd   SERVE   I want to challenge all of us to serve others like God is watching and taking notes.  Serving is more than an action of serving, it’s really more of an attitude of serving.  If you put others first then they will respond with gratitude and joy.  


4th   FEED    This is the caveat that we are currently facing.  How do we continue to support our community by providing meals as we have for over the last 7 years?  We are following community health guidelines and we are in regular communication with the Mayor and his staff.  We also are making sure that our serving area is sterilized, temperatures are being taken by each volunteer before they arrive and we stay at a safe distance from others while preparing food.  


We are currently discussing with LSF leadership on how we move forward this week and in the future.  Since we talked about being so much more than a feeding ministry the setup for March 21st feeding will show contrast to this.  We will setup drive thru pickup with minimal volunteer participation.  We will not have tables for eating there set up and we will refrain from more than 50 at a time congregating.  The difficulty is that we want to be attentive to the needs in our community and yet stay within the parameters that are being set by government officials.  Know that all decisions are fluid and we are hoping for input as we walk through this together.  


Finally, I am asking for us to be peaceful in all of our conversations as we move forward.  We do not need to incite fear or confusion when we are representing ourselves as, “The Hands and Feet of Jesus.”    This is not a time to correct or challenge those who are coming with needs, simply this is a time to stand up to our name and Love, Serve and Feed…


Laurie and I pray for each of you and are blessed beyond measure to have you stand with us during this time.


Chas & Laurie




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