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Meet our Advisory Board Members

At LOVE SERVE FEED, we are a family of people who love to serve our community.  We are a 100% volunteer army. There are no paid positions in our ministry because we want 100% of the money to go to the need.  Each one of us are answering a call to serve our community and be the hands and feet of Jesus. We have an amazing team of leaders and volunteers, so we'd like to introduce you to a few of us...


Chas & Laurie WInckel

Founders/Managing Directors

Building community by feeding people is not something I would imagined back in 2011.  Getting up every Saturday and preparing meals for people I didn’t know, I don’t think so!  Then it happened.  We launched our feeding ministry in November of 2012 and the rest is history.  We started with Round Rock ISD giving us a couple of test Saturdays and we have been at Hernandez every Saturday since.  Our first Saturday back in 2012 we served around 120 meals and we have peaked with about 1200 meals.  Our average Saturday we serve between 350 and 500 meals.  It’s really pretty simple.  We receive people just as they are; we feed them, hug them and listen to them just like family.  Bottom line is I love them and the environment that we have been able to create is more like a family reunion rather than just grilling burgers for the community.   We have the most selfless volunteers and greatest servants that I have ever been affiliated with.  The love that is there every Saturday can be felt but is so authentic to experience that it brings you back week after week. 


When Chas & Laurie aren't volunteering for LSF, he works in construction and she is a vocal coach.  They are parents (&step parents to 8 children and have 10 grandkids.  Two sons and a daughter in law live in the area and the rest of the family lives in Utah.  


Dominic & helen
Di Tomasso

Advisory Board Members/Facilities and Acquisitions Coordinators 

Dominic - Facilities Coordinator

Helen - Acquisitions Coordinator 

Helen has been serving with since the beginning.  She started coming to our Hernandez serving location to bring her family for lunch.  Soon, we adopted her into our family and she started serving.  She has been invaluable to our community ever since.  Helen, her husband Dominic, as well as the rest of her family, have served tirelessly each week with our Saturday operations as well as our Sunday meat ministry.  As Acquisitions Director, she procures food, supplies, gathers materials and gets volunteers together for special events and holidays.  Dominic was working off the coast of Louisiana on a Naval Ship for years and serving when he came back home.  He's since found more local work and has been able to come regularly.  He's an amazing volunteer for our LSF community.  He works the grill every week and he has completely refurbished both of our trailers to fit our supplies.  They are an invaluable part of our team!


pam mawdsley

Serving Coordinator/Advisory Board Member

We met Pam years ago when she came to serve as one of the volunteers from Palm Valley Lutheran Church.  She has been a tremendous asset to us ever since.  Pam has such a huge heart for the Lord and for the people we are serving.  She is one of the most loving, supportive volunteers we have in the serving line.  Always with a sincere smile, she runs the operations of the table and helps train new volunteers who show up each week. She works with other leaders and volunteers to make sure the serving line operations are always functioning smoothly.  She has become such a valuable part of our community that she is now serving on our Advisory Board. We are so grateful for Pam and we love working with her.


KeN Anderson


Advisory Board Member/Grill Master

Ken has served with Love Serve Feed almost since the beginning.  He is a member of Palm Valley Lutheran Church and has helped us connect with his church, who has been a huge support to us during our Thanksgiving dinners and through special grants that have helped us run our ministry.  We are grateful to Ken and all he has done to ensure we can continue to feed the families in our area.  Ken is a missionary and when he's not traveling, he is bringing youth out to serve.  He is one of our grill masters and makes an amazingly perfect hot dog!  



Advisory Board Member/Grill Master/Ministry Leader

Fernando has been with us almost since day one! He has the heart of ministry and when he's not making the best hamburgers, he is often found praying and ministering to volunteers and community members.  We love his heart and his desire to serve.  When he's not at Love Serve Feed, or at work, he is a Toast Masters, Master Teacher and he has a heart to speak into people!  We love Fernando and his family and we are blessed to have him! 

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